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    Mr.Song Rui
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    Shindoo Chemi-Industry Co.,Ltd (Shindoo) serves its domestic and overseas clients by supplying high-quality NPK fertilizer,soda ash,ammonium chloride,anhydrous sodium sulphate,edible salt & industrial salt and other products.
    These products sold by Shindoo are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified plants and have continuously been passing quality inspection by CIQ (China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau),100% pass rate.

    Established in 1995,Shindoo has been listed as China Top 500 Chemical Industry Enterprise since the year of 2005.

    With the approval of the government of Sichuan province in 2005,Shindoo was re-organized according to modern corporate system in order to get listed on the stock market in the future.

    Shindoo now is the only supplier of full-series compound fertilizer in China.The trade mark of "Guihu" used for Shindoo's compound fertilizer was named as China Well-Known Trade Mark by Trade Mark Office of State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People's Republic of China in March'2008.

    As a large private-owned chemical group,Shindoo now has 12 subsidiaries and 3 production bases spreading in west and central China and its total assets have reached 318 million US dollars.

    At Shindoo,our goal is to help our customers and business partners grow their companies by providing a superior product and the highest level support.We look forward to serving your needs.

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