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    Shindoo Chemi-Industry Co., Ltd owns 15 susidiaries (branch company included) spread in Sichuan (Southwest China),Hubei (Central China) and Shanxi (Northwest China) Provinces.

    Introduction of some subsidiaries

    Shindoo Fertilizer Co., Ltd

    Founded in 1992,the first subsidiary of Shindoo;

    300,000 tons compound fertilizer per year

    Won the "2005 Xindu 20 Strong Enterprise", "Xindu Science and Technology Progress Award".

    Guangyan Huayuan Salt Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

    Old Yingcheng Salt Plant was mergered by Shindoo Chemi-Industry in
    March'2008 and constituted new Guangyan Huayuan Salt Manufacure Co.,Ltd,total investment amounting to USD 26.43 Million;

    Annual output of 800,000 tons PDV rock salt;

    One of the first government-dominated edible salt producers in China,350 employees including more than 70 professional and technicians,ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification.

    The first one to adopt quintuple-effect evaporation technology for production in Yunmeng & Yingcheng regions of Hubei Province;

    United with professional Research and Experiment Center,using 1000- meter-deep well in the rock salt body as the basic material,combining modern technology to form refined formula,adopting chloride-ion penetration skill,develope thousands daily-use salt series. Shindoos top bath salt serise has entered China's Changan Top Club,and was known as the " China Daily Chemical Expert".


    Yingcheng Shindoo Chemical Co.,Ltd

    Registered Capital of RMB 50 million (USD7.34 million),Yingcheng Shindoo Chemicals Co.,Ltd.was constitute by Shindoo Chemi-Industry in 2003 .

    Covering an area of 36.67 hectares,780 employees including 112 engineers and technicians,Hubei Provincial Industrial Advanced Enterprise" in 2005,Annual output of 350,000 tons soda,420,000 tons ammonium chloride and 60,000 tons liquid ammonia. Scheduled to increase output to 350,000-600,000 tons till the year of 2011

    Garsoni Fertilizer (Meishan) Co.,Ltd

    A second joint venture set up by Shindoo and US Garsoni Fertilizer Group Co.,Ltd;Registered Capital of RMB 30 million (USD 4.40 million);Covering an area of 8.7516 hectares;Annual output of 300,000 tons nitro-based high-tower prilling compound fertilizer.

    YingCheng Shindoo Import And Export Trading co.,Ltd

    YingCheng Shindoo Import and Export Trading Co.,Ltd was established in August, 2010, with the registered capital of 5 million, administrated by ChengDu Shindoo Chemi-Industry Co., Ltd. During the year of 2010, the total sales amount reached on 5 million dollars, covering all kinds of our products and the total sales volume is 100 thousand tons. The products are selling well in Europe, Africa, America and Asia market, and gains high praise from the customers in soda ash, salt, ammonium chloride, anhydrous sodium sulphate.ect. YingCheng shindoo Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. Has been listed as YingCheng advanced Import and Export Enterprise twice since it was established.


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